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What if you could take the guesswork out of conceiving a healthy child?

Introducing the world's most scientific 7 week online course to get you pregnant now 



You dream of tiny little fingers wrapped around yours. 

You can see the chubby cheeks and mesmerizing eyes.

You can hear the precious oohs, ahhs, and coos.

You can smell the precious baby scent.


Let's face it -

you’re meant to be a mother.


The only problem is...

You constantly worry that you're not doing enough to prepare for the baby.

You don’t know where to start or whose advice to take when it comes to your pre-pregnancy questions.

You’ve heard the stories and know the risks are both real and pervasive: Autism, ADHD, autoimmune disease, cancer, serious allergies… the list is endless.

You’ve experienced your own fertility struggles and gone through the heartache.You’ve watched others walk through the deep pain and seemingly hopeless cycle of waiting and being disappointed.


There IS a way to optimize your body and mind for pregnancy 

even if there is not always a guarantee when it  comes to conception and the health of your baby.

I call the period of time *before* you get pregnant Trimester Zero® because it is when your child’s DNA is being set up for success or where many future health issues could take root. 

Trimester Zero® is a far more critical time than most people could possibly imagine, and to go blindly into this chapter will not only affect your overall fertility but could have lasting effects on the long-term health of your baby.


I created my 7-week course, aptly titled Trimester Zero®

to teach you my evidence-based approach to optimizing your body and mind for pregnancy. You can give your baby the absolute best shot at living a healthy life and finally be the mother you’ve dreamed of.


Hi, I’m Dr. Afrouz Demeri.

As a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, I’ve helped thousands of women balance their hormones, determine their genetic risk factors, and get as healthy as possible prior to conceiving, during their pregnancy, and after their baby is born.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve become a leading expert in the fields of fertility, thyroid health, and hormonal balance. Trimester Zero® is the culmination of extensive, science-backed research and real-life trials that will help you take the right steps BEFORE getting pregnant to optimize your own health and the health of your future baby. 

I’ve helped thousands of couples and I can’t wait to help you, too.


One ovary, Hashimoto’s, Fibroids and a Miscarriage…

Watch My Story


Through extensive research and years of real-life trials, I’ve put together Trimester Zero® so no woman has to carry the burden of, “Did I do enough?” ever again.

I know the guilt that comes with having a child who is not healthy.

My daughter was born with several different issues and we spent countless nights in the hospital. While I had done everything right during pregnancy (or at least I thought), there were several things that happened prior to my pregnancy that put my daughter at risk. 

The pain, shame, and heartache that ensued is something I would never wish on another woman… ever.


So, I researched and researched and researched. I began to implement some of my findings myself (my second child is bright, healthy, and thriving), and then with my patients. Over time, I began to see incredible results with my patients…  even those who struggled with infertility for years.

Healthy babies were being born to happy parents, time and time again.

As more and more research becomes available, and as I’ve seen better and better results in my patients, I’ve tweaked my approach and made every possible improvement.


and today?

My approach has helped countless women finally get pregnant and countless couples bring healthy children into the world.


"My Endocrinologist and OB/GYN told me there's nothing they knew that had 'evidence' to help with my miscarriages, hashimoto's and hormonal imbalance. 7 years of trying, I was so exhausted and losing hope until I met Dr. Demeri. She changed my diet and told me I was eating all the wrong things for fertility. She told me I was low in progesterone and got my thyroid numbers in check and now we have a beautiful healthy son. I can't recommend her program enough!"

- Andrea Walker

"Everyone who is considering EVER having a child in the future needs to take this course. It's life changing. For you as a couple and your child. I learned so many things that I know will make me a healthier parent. I'm going to freeze my eggs as I haven't found my 'one' but now I know the eggs I freeze will be Golden."

- Emily Chung

"This child is 1/3 you Dr. D! Because if it wasn't for you, she wouldn't be here! Thank you for helping us get pregnant after being told by numerous doctors that it wasn't possible. She's not only here, she's HEALTHY and thriving because of your program."

- Amy Sanders

"I have PCOS and am very irregular. This course helped regulate my cycles and I went from 20 cysts in each ovary to just 1 in 6 months."

- Sarah Morris

"This program was so easy to follow on my drives to work. I love that there are things we focus on every week that I can actually control and do. I also love the monthly live calls with her so that I can ask my personal specific questions."

- Nicole Williamson

 What is Trimester Zero®?

Trimester Zero® is a self-paced course for couples that would like to conceive within the next year.

This course will walk you through optimizing your health so you can set yourself up for conception, and give your baby it’s best shot at a thriving, healthy life.

I am going to take the guesswork out of conceiving a healthy baby and lay out a simple, straight forward, easy to follow plan, so you can be sure you are doing EVERYTHING in your power to give your baby the long-term gift of health.

Whether you’re walking through infertility or simply thinking of trying to conceive within the next year, Trimester Zero® will take you through the same evidence-based approach, which has helped my patients build healthy thriving families.

Join NOW

Here’s what you’ll get:

The Trimester Zero® Curriculum

Trimester Zero® consists of 7 modules that make up your core pre-pregnancy foundation. Each training component is designed to walk you through the basics of everything you need to know to give your baby the healthiest start possible.

Dr. Afrouz is a pioneer in Women's Natural Medicine, Hormones, Detox and Fertility. Her expertise in both natural and conventional medicine and years of clinical practice and teaching places her as a leader for all women looking to help balance their hormones, have healthy children and live a vital life. She is however much more than the medicine she prescribes, her personality, caring nature and view on mental, emotional and spiritual well being is rare to find in a doctor. I highly recommend working with her (If you can get in to see her that is!)

- Dr. Mark Hyman


You have

a choice.

You can do nothing and continue down this path of struggle, uncertainty, and stress: hoping for the best while trusting your own instincts and knowledge when it comes to fertility, pregnancy, and the health of your baby.


You can DIY the research, Google your heart out, sort through all of the non-medically trained opinions, and come up with your own plans based on whatever you find...trusting the internet when it comes to fertility, pregnancy, and the health of your baby.


You can join Trimester Zero® and not waste another second of your time on anything that isn’t evidence-based. You can let me guide you through this process; the same process that has gotten incredible results for my in-person patients.

Join NOW

Ten years from now, I want to tell the stories of Trimester Zero® babies…

the ones who defied the odds and lived healthy, vibrant lives because of the work their parents did.

I want one of those Trimester Zero® babies to be yours.

Meet Trimester Zero Babies

If you want that, too,

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When you add it all up, Trimester Zero® has a total value of over $14,000

But because I'm super excited to welcome you into the Trimester Zero® family, I'm giving you the opportunity to enroll TODAY at a special promo price of just...

3 Payments of


  • Lifetime access to all 7 training modules
  • Full library with audio, video, workbooks, and handouts
  • Access to the Private Trimester Zero® community Lounge
  • Individualized testing and interpretation
  • 4 Live Q&A’s
  • Bonus discounts and assessments
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You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers.

Trimester Zero® was created for any couple that wants to conceive. Whether you’ve been struggling with infertility for years, or are just beginning to think about starting a family,  Trimester Zero® will help you bring your healthy baby into the world.


I can’t make any promises about specific outcomes. However, I’ve used these principles with my patients for years and they have been effective for a LARGE portion of them. While every person is different, the content covered in Trimester Zero® is the foundation and first step towards improving your chances of getting pregnant.


Yes and no. I won’t be doing any 1:1 calls, but I will be answering your specific questions and giving individualized responses on our live Q+A calls through zoom. If you prefer to privately ask your questions, we can do that as well via email. You get a total of 7 live calls directly with me! Additionally, my team of Fertility health coaches will be in the Facebook group regularly to support you. We can help you interpret labs, review your specific dietary needs such as exercise, supplements, medications and make sure everything is safe and optimal. Your questions will all get answered. We promise!


Yes. While the teachings inside of Trimester Zero® can’t reverse all infertility, it is designed to help you increase your odds of conception. Additionally, there will be additional masterclasses on specific fertility-related issues such s PCOS, Hypothalamic Amenorrhea, Endometriosis, High FSH, Low AMH or Ovarian Reserve. However, those will only be available to those who have gone through Trimester Zero®, as it is the foundation for everything else you will learn.


No. We want to give individualized attention to all of you who are committed to creating a healthy baby. We are committed and will give you 100% of our heart and soul and have when we have groups connecting and doing this together and supporting each other, their success rates are higher. We therefore, only offer the course four times a year and registration closes as indicated in the timer below.


While we don’t offer refunds, we are committed to helping you get the most out of this course. We will be there to answer all of your questions inside of our group and my team will help you work through any issues you might be having. 


NO. We are not giving medical advice in Trimester Zero. Even though I am a practicing doctor, I am not YOUR doctor. So, the principles I teach inside of Trimester Zero are principles that can be generally applied to anyone walking through infertility or thinking of having a baby. While you will get individualized attention and feedback inside of our group, Trimester Zero does not take the place of your regular doctor.


This course is designed to give both you and your spouse the information needed to ensure your baby is as healthy as possible. If your spouse isn’t on board right away, they are likely to start trusting the process as they interact with the content, get feedback inside the group, and start to engage with others walking a similar path. We have witnessed many transformations and a team approach once your spouse gets the science and facts and realizes the importance of this phase. 


Sure thing! Sign up HERE and speak to Dr. Demeri herself and ask away! We want you to be as confident as we are about this being the best program for you. 


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How much is a healthy baby worth to you?


There’s no one-size-fits-all for creating the healthiest version of your future baby, so learning from the world’s top fertility expert will give you the best chance.


Learning from a doctor who has conventional medicine training and alternative complementary scientific methods will give you the confidence to know exactly what you need to to.



Knowing our entire team has been where you are at some point or another in their life will encourage you to keep going to get where they are. You've got this!


Knowing that you are saving time and money ($60K+ in IVF and drugs) will definitely make you a little bit happier! Not to mention the happiness it'll bring you finally feeling fulfilled.




  • Lifetime access to all 7 training modules
  • Full library with audio, video, workbooks, and handouts
  • Access to the Private Trimester Zero® community Lounge
  • Individualized testing and interpretation
  • 4 Live Q&A’s
  • Bonus discounts and assessments
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